Proud to have my work featured at Sheridan’s Visual Merch grad gallery tonight :) @brandxfive

Oakville / March 2014

Toronto / March 2014


Anonymous asked:

instead of your pretentious ass description of shooting digital underexposed shit why dont u just fucking shoot film u twat


Alright then, thanks for the comment. First of all I’d like to point out that I do shoot film and I do love it, but sometimes I think sticking with one aesthetic can be repetitive to me. I’m not trying to say that I’m better or more impressive by shooting underexposed images and dressing something up with a description like I made for that work. I like attempting new things and experimenting with different ideas and concepts… sorry for sharing. 

Trying being a bit more constructive asshole.

Jorian / March 2014

Digital darkroom: Under-exposed frames brought up in post. Slowly becoming my favourite approach to portraiture. Something about not seeing my images until afterwards feels reminiscent of shooting film which also frees me from staring at the back of my camera screen and pushes me to interact more with the subject. The effects of stretching digital information to it’s limits produces some of the greatest patterns of texture. 

Fun little mock ads I put together for one of my classes. 

Go check out my first video on Youtube! 

Spring Lookbook 2014

Director: Spencer Blackwood
Stylists: Jillian Bennett & Beth Tallach 
MUA: Emelie Sosa 
Model: Sophie Lea 

Song: Flight Facilities - ‘Crave You’

Go check out my first video on Youtube!